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Isha     - 7:00 PM Iqama

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Issued by Imam Council of St Louis Metropolitan

Sunday, 12th June 2016

Today, all Americans, including the American Muslim community, woke up shocked and deeply saddened after the tragedy in Orlando, Florida. Overnight, 50 innocent lives were taken and many others were injured in an act of senseless violence. Firstly, our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their loved ones during this difficult time. There is no excuse for anyone to commit such a horrific crime taking the lives of scores of innocent people and there is zero place in Islam for such crimes against humanity. And I say humanity because the Quran clearly states that killing a single innocent person unjustly is like killing all of mankind... and indeed all of mankind is hurt by this tragedy. We just spent a week honoring a great Muslim man well known to all of us in Muhammad Ali, who was inspired by Islam to spread peace and justice to every corner of this world, touching millions of lives while doing so along the way. If we want to talk about individuals, then Muhammad Ali is a true spokesperson for Islam, and he would have condemned this act and any act of violence, just as we are today. We also urge Muslims in the Orlando area to stand in solidarity with their community and to donate blood for the injured. We also urge Muslims outside the Orlando area to donate to the Launchgood page set up in support of the victims' families and the injured while we stand together, as one nation, mourning this tragedy .

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